Kiel Tillman

Kiel’s illustration style consists of bold lines and intricate patterns mixed with organic textures, energetic brushwork, relaxed lettering and graphic elements.

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Paul Balfe

I don't think you can go past a suit and boardies. It's like a mullet wrapped up in a dress code (business up top, party on the bottom).

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Tim Black

In reality my style is probably more flexible and a bit all over the place, although it's heavily influenced by surf and maybe even street art to a point.

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TCC Flash Blaze of Feather New Wave Electric Coral Life on Mars

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If you’re a designer or an artist and want to submit a design, this is the place to do it. If we like your design and want to use it on one of our featured boardshorts, we’ll make you one of the featured artists and buy your design from you.

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Let’s do something a little different, a little maverick. Why not provide a platform – where ideas and designs could be shared, even turned into awesome apparel. And so it was born out of this idea, the MVRK Surf company was to become a reality.

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